Presidents Message

Club Members,

As 2021 approaches, here is an update on the status of our club and events coming over the next year. Please note that the spike in Covid has made meetings difficult and the board is a bit behind where it normally is with planning for next year. \



The club will again finish the year in good financial standing. Between checking account and money market fund there will be a balance of just under $19,000 in the club's general fund at year's end.  Recognizing that this is a large balance for an organization the size of DEGC inc., the board has again decided to offer a reduced membership fee in 2021. Life and board members will continue to pay only the GHIN fee of $30 (note that the GHIN fee has increased by $5.00.)  


Club Calendar 

Given the limitations on gatherings, there will NOT be a winter gathering this year. Funds normally allocated to the event will be used later in the year after things hopefully get back to normal. At this time club meetings are planned for March 9th and April 8th  provided gathering restrictions are lifted.  Please note that the March meeting is NOT open to new members. The names of prospective new members will be read at that meeting, any objections by current members will be heard at that time. New members will be considered members in good standing beginning with the April meeting. Meetings will continue to be on the second Tuesday of the month through September with the exception of July. 

While on the subject of gatherings, feedback from the year end clambake has been positive. The board will be soliciting input from the membership to see if this type of event is preferred over the traditional formal banquet for a year end awards ceremony.

The 2021 tournament schedule will soon be proposed to the county. The schedule will be on the club's website when approved. There will be two continuous tournaments in 2021.


Course Management 

The new County Executive had his hands full in 2020 and was not able to spend much time on the county golf courses. It is not clear what, if any changes he has planned for 2021. Regardless of any changes in course management, club Vice President Adam Cortina will be our liaison for course suggestions.  If anyone has comments or suggestions, please present them through Adam. This will ensure a positive relationship with the county.


New Life Members

Steve Potter, Brian Webster, and Paul Boehm all become Life Members in 2021. Congratulations and thank you for your contributions to the club the past several years.


Jack Fox

When writing a few weeks ago to inform you all of Jack's passing it was mentioned that his accomplishments were too numerous to mention in a short note. It would be remiss of me not to try here. 

If ever there was a signature member at Durand, it was Jack. In his 39 years as a member, he served on the board for 9 years, was GHIN Handicap chairman for 10 years, and Rules and Greens chairman for 5 years. He was also very active in the RDGA, serving as Vice-President for 3 years and President for 2. When Jack wasn't busy with his formal duties, he was frequently helping out at RDGA events as a rules official or spotter. He was active with junior golf as well. Jack's calm demeanor, friendly disposition, and smiling face, which earned him recognition as a true "Gentleman of Golf," will be missed.  

As mentioned earlier, there will be two continuous tournaments in 2021. In addition to the Durand Cup, there will be a Jack Fox tribute tournament. Details are still being worked, but rest assured that rumors about having to carry your bag to compete in it are false. 



Many of you partake in Jim Lanzillo and Jim Newman's Super Bowl pool. They will be running it again this year, with the same format as in the past. Contact either for more information:


Jim Lanzillo:email <> / text 585-755-5909

Jim Newman: email: <> / text 585-317-2337


Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season, and that things return to normal soon.



Steve Olesiuk,

DEGC President