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Presidents Message

Hello Fellow Members,
The Board and I would like to wish everyone a belated Holiday Season. We hope you all had a good one.
We are making some changes to some of our programs this year. I hope to inform you on most of them
here. Please review our 2023 Schedule.

 New members will be welcomed later at our April meeting. Please note the time change from our traditional meeting schedule of 6 to 10 p.m. Our meetings will follow the same time change throughout the year. We have also changed the August and September meetings to Wednesday evenings, due to the Tuesday night league not finishing until 7:30.
The Mudders Tournament was moved to a Saturday due to Mother's Day and the PGA Championship. In
June, we have Sunday, 6/25/2023 scheduled for the Tri-Club. If we do not play the Tri-Club, we will be
using the date for an Away Tournament at Churchville. We do not have the Club House for our
Invitational this year. The Club House was booked for the entire month of July. The Board is reviewing
other options for the event.
The Match Play will go back to everyone playing their matches. The 1st match will need to be completed
by June 4th without exception. If the match is not completed on time, both, or one of the players will be
removed from the tournament.
We also know that the GHIN fee is increasing to $40.00 this year.
We hope to see you at the March meeting on 3/14 . We are having a Season pass ($20.00 per
Ticket, with 40 Tickets being sold) and a 50/50 raffle.
The Board still has a lot of work to do, and we still have more meetings scheduled.

Thank You,
Ed Mills
President DEGC

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