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    Just as the game of golf fosters separate but equal opportunities for gender, so does Durand Eastman Golf Club offer membership for men of all ages. DEGC is not alone with this orientation with the likes of the PGA, LPGA, RDGA, WRDGA and is associated with the Women's Durand Eastman Golf Club (WDEGC). It is DEGC's commitment to promote the game of golf and it's ability to accommodate all parties interested in participating that is of importance. All information regarding membership for women will be forwarded to the WDEGC. As such, everyone is welcome to fill out the application for membership. The following information is for DEGC membership: All new members must be sponsored by a member in good standing. A member can only sponsor one new member each year. If an applicant does not have a sponsor, we will make every effort to provide a sponsor for him. The purpose of a sponsor is to introduce a new member to the Club and its activities. Junior members may also be sponsored.

Membership Types:


· Adult age 18+: Full membership with payment of the initiation plus regular annual fees.


· Junior:  Pee-Wee (ages: 9-11), Sub-junior (ages: 12-14) and Junior (ages: 15-17)


                  The purpose of the junior membership status is to encourage youth to learn and enjoy golf, to establish a handicap, to   play fairly with good sportsmanship, and to allow for the greater companionship with related older members. 


Procedure for New Membership in Durand Eastman Golf Club, Inc.

Prospective members should print and complete the membership application on this web site. Hard copies are also available at the Durand Eastman golf course pro shop. Last date to submit is July 1st for this year. After July 1st deadline: Send application to the Club Secretary not sooner than Jan 1st of the new year. 


The following information is required: applicant name, street address, city, state, zip code, phone, email (if any), date of birth, 7-digit GHIN# from previous club if any and sponsor's name. If no email, please state 'none' and if no GHIN, please state 'none'.


Note: If no sponsor, one will be provided for the applicant. The sponsor's job is to introduce the new member to Club members and explain formats of tournaments and weekend games. 


New members will be accepted up to the limit set by the Club in the order of receipt of the applications. Also, before membership, each new member's name will be read at a regular club meeting for discussion, if any.

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