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Member Hole-in-One Club


DEGC rookie Julio's ace on #5 with a piching wedge

at the 22 Memorial tourney

Jim Newman joins Henry Thomas who had his 3rd ace at Durand this season. Jim claims his  ace was sometime in the early 2000's at long #14.It was verified at this years banquet. As you can see Jim is all smiles.


Adam's ace at Sodus #3 hole wins him  Omaha Steaks 

Ed Mills is all smiles after his 7 iron ACE on number 5 in the Monday league on 6/14/21
9 iron
Four aces during the season
9 iron

Congratulations to Alex White and Terry Billitier combining for the 3 Aces on at the 127 yd. hole number 5 . Terry's group was 4 under on the hole on 8/16 and to Henry Thomas for his 2nd ace in 2 years; this one on #17

vmatxsloak_2381059279018-1-IMG953329 (1)

Dave Nichols               Hole #8  6 iron 5/30/98 

Gus Vasso                    Hole #12 

Brian Webster            Hole #5

Dave Reed

Scott Stearns               Hole #12

Bill Specksgoor           Hole #5

Tim Lindsay (2)          Hole #5 8/14/09, 

                                       Hole #8  9/3/91 

Frank Agresti              Hole #17

Tim Dimino                 Hole #14 (long)

Steve Olesiuk               Hole #12 4 iron 6/26/04.         Note: Others in group: Dave Leaderer Sr (2) Denny DePalma

                                                                                               (3) Jim Gunther (4) - the scores on the

                                                                                               card were 1/2/3/4

Steve Lesio (2)              Hole #17 7 iron (2002),

                                         Hole #8 3 iron (1992)

Bob Brongo                   Hole #5 9 iron 7/13/13

Mike Eblacker              Hole #12 5 iron  9/1/13

Robert Peckham          Hole #17 8 iron  (sometime in the 50'S)

Dave Diraimo               Hole #5 8 iron  4/29/16

Joe Natale                     Hole #5 9 iron

Jim Gramlich                Hole #8 5 iron                            Note: During the 2017 Memorial Toournament

Henry Thomas (3)       Hole #12            7/18,   Hole #17  8/20 hole #5 (From temporary tee) 2023 

Darryl Hudson             Hole #17           9/22/18

Alex White                    Hole #5  9 iron 5/31/20

Terry Billitier (3)         Hole#17  5/10/03   Hole #5  pw  7/4/20

                                        Hole #5  9 iron on 8/16/20 (Foursome was 4 under for the hole)

Ed Mills                         Hole #5  7 iron on 6/16/21

Julio Torres                  Hole #5 Pitching wedge on 5/22 22

John Pilskalns             Hole #8 5 Wood 178yds. 8/11/2023

 Jim Newman               Hole #14 (Long) (1990's)

Congratulations to Dave DiRaimo,2 Aces in 2016

Durand #5 on 4/29/16 and #17 at Transit Valley (above)

While playing in South Carolina, Wes Faulkner scored his 1st career Hole in One on hole #5 of the Lakes course at Arrowhead! He used 9 iron for the 125 yard hole. Congratulations Wes!


Jim Gramlich  most recently

uses his 5 iron to score his ACE on the182 yd.  8th hole during the 2017 Memorial Tournament  

Congratulations to Joe Natale for his hole in one on #5 with his 9 iron. This is the second member ace in 2016 and Joe's first.

After 60 plus years as a member, Bob Peckham's ace gives him membership in the exclusive Member Ace club as the club's  oldest member with a hole in one and the earliest living  member ace historically.

Congrats to Durand Head Pro Mark Deridder for his first hole in one. He made his ace at No. 12 with an 8 iron from 168 yds



Bruce Baker tries to explain his ace on Braemar #17 back in 2014



Bob Brongo recaps his 2013 Ace at #14 (current #5)


Jim Carlucci recorded his1st ever

HOLE IN ONE in early January 21' at Craigie Brae No.6


John Pilskalns joins elite Hole in One Club with his recent Ace on #8 Congratulations

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