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Course Superintendents

Monroe County Parks

Director of Golf

Greg Klem

Monroe County Golf Services Mgr.

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  Mark DeRidder

Durand Eastman GC


Don Bloom

Durand Eastman GC

First Assistant


Many thanks to Greg Klem (County Dir. of  Golf), Don Bloom (and Willow) and their staff for the tremendous improvement they have and are continuing to make at our course. Welcome to Mark DeRidder Golf Services Mgr.   3 County courses.

 Course Superintendents   1925 - Present

2024 Don Bloom

2023 Don Bloom

2022 Don Bloom

2021 Don Bloom

2020 Don Bloom

2019 Don Bloom

2018 Don Bloom

2017 Don Bloom

2016 Don Bloom

2015 Don Bloom

2014 Bob Ehrmentraut

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2012 John Christie/

        Bob Ehrmentraut

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1926 Custer Stallman

1925 Custer Stallman

Bob Ehrmentraut

Greg Klem

Don Bloom

(and Willow)

Monroe County Parks

Director of Golf

Durand Eastman GC


   As any of the members who have played Durand in the past few decades can attest, the course has never looked so good.  It is in, without a doubt, the best shape I have seen it since I began playing it in the early 90’s.  I am sure there are members that can make that same assertion going even further back in the course’s history.   To have a management team and grounds crew that recognized the beauty and potential of such a great golf course and put the time and energy into realizing that potential is really special.  It is also worth noting that all of this work has been done while adhering to tight budget parameters.   I cannot count how many times I have heard complimentary remarks for the way the course looks from Club members and non-members alike.  Comparisons are no longer being made with historical conditions but are now being made with many of Rochester’s finest courses.  It is with great admiration that we recognize Greg Klem, Don Bloom and his entire team for the hard work and passion they have put into making Durand Eastman the beautiful golf course we all knew it could be.

Brendon Knauf

Jim Johnson

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