A compilation of historical facts and information designed to help maintain the continuity and traditions of the DURAND EASTMAN GOLF CLUB by Gard Mason DEGC President - 1979, Dennis Grange DEGC Secretary - 1989 and John Barber DEGC.

Much thanks to Bill Herring for his help in documenting the historic photos on this site.
Special thanks to Greg Klem, Superintendant of Parks and Golf Courses for his help in obtaining valuable historical information.


This Member Information Package started as a volunteer Fall-Winter project. It was felt we were fortunate in being able to play on an unusual golf course, and that we ought to find out as much about it as possible. Old information on the course and the club has not been readily available. Some of it has come to light as a result of talking with a few of the older members. Other information has come to light as a result of deliberate searching local sources such as the Rundel Library, while still more has been assembled from club records. Some of the material, especially that on rules, duties and responsibilities of officers, etc., has been available from time to time as separate items and has merely been updated. It seemed that the new material, plus that which could be updated, would make a unique Member Information Package. If nothing else, it would assemble a lot of information on the Durand Eastman Golf Course and the Durand Eastman Golf Club into one place. Our thanks are directed to the following that have helped in various ways in assembling this Member Information Package: Jack Briddon, Life Member Jim Johnson, Park and Golf Course Superintendent 

Gard  Mason, DEGC 2/78
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