Member Hole in One Club

*Dave Nichols  #8  6 iron 5/30/98 
*Gus Vasso  #12 
*Brian Webster  #4 
*Dave Reed
*Terry Billitier #17  5/10/03
*Scott Stearns #12
*Bill Specksgoor  #4
Tim Lindsay (2) #4 8/14/09,  #8  9/3/91 
*Frank Agresti #17
*Tim Dimino #14 (long)
*Steve Olesiuk #12 4 iron 6/26/04. Others in group: Dave Leaderer Sr (2) Denny DePalma (3) Jim Gunther (4) - the scores on the card were 1/2/3/4
*Steve Lesio (2)  #17 7 iron (2002), #8 3 iron (1992)
*Bob Brongo #4 9 iron 7/13/13
*Mike Eblacker #12 5 iron 172 yds  9/1/13
*Robert Peckham #17 8 iron  (sometime in the 50'S)
*Dave Diraimo #5 8 iron 132 yds 4/29/16
*Joe Natale #5 9 iron 122 yds.
*Jim Gramlich  5 iron on the182 yd.8th hole during the 2017 Memorial Tournament 

More to come!!
Members who have scored one or more aces at Durand
Tim Lindsay's 2 Aces
 After 60 plus years as a member, Bob Peckham's ace gives him membership in the exclusive Member Ace club as the club's  oldest member with a hole in one and the earliest living  member ace historically.
​Congratulations to Dave DiRaimo, our most recent member of the "Ace"  club, who holed out his 8 iron for an ACE from 132 yds. at #5 on 4/29/16

Congratulations to Joe Natale for his recent hole in one on #5 with his 9 iron. This is the second member ace in 2016 and Joe's first.

Congrats to Durand Head Pro Mark Deridder for his first hole in one. He made his ace at No. 12 with an 8 iron from 168 yds.
While playing in South Carolina, Wes Faulkner scored his 1st career Hole in One on hole #5 of the Lakes course at Arrowhead! He used 9 iron for the 125 yard hole. Congratulations Wes!

Dave Diraimo shows his ACE on the174 yd.17th hole at Transit Valley C. C. with a 4  iron.

Jim Gramlich digs out  his 5 iron ACE on the182 yd.8th hole during the Memorial Tournament