Durand Follies

Post league nite meeting of the minds
I just hit one in the potato salad
Play it where it lies 2012 Horse's Ass nominee Pat Hughes
New all inclusive equipment cleaning method
Believe half of what you see.
Cheap labor buidls our course
This means you
New golf carts for 2014
Our rules chairman plays it as it lies
Follow the yellow brick road
Free lift
Course ranger citing slow play
70 year old skull found on hole #2 during the recent excavation
In line with the course
Dave plays his shot from the highway in Myrtle Beach
Terry undresses after his recent bout with the burdox
That's the last time I go in the woods with my new golf shirt
Pat gets his after flirting with the cart girl
Results of Swick overswinging
Should have brought some imodium with him
Lee flexing after a trouble shot from the pond
Rocco is at home playing from the "Rock" garden
Chuck and Dave celebrating another season of sandbagging
MC Sheriff's deputy arresting a 6some at Durand (early 50's)
My putt must have been this long
Jim shows off his new weave at the mid winter party
See no evil, speak no evil, have no fun.
My cup never runneth over.
Finger lakes, here I come.
Dave truly beleives that Tai Chi will help his swing.
Bill celebrates dental work and breaking 80 in the same day.
Stevie O's new golf hat
Muffinman is humbled when he learns he is the recipient of the prestigious "Driving Miss Daisy Award"
A compilation of nonsensical scenarios which have occurred at Durand over the years. Neither Durand Eastman Golf Club nor this web master takes any responsibilities for non club members actions which may be seen in any of the videos seen on this site.
The Owen swivel bag
Two ball Hole-em-all
Who set this pin?
Why golf is so slow at Durand
Woodchuck film crew
Woodchuck alert!
Where's the ranger?
Bob's big shot
Jax loves golf!
Ladies' Day at the course.
The "Miss Daisy"Award for 2013
Kenny"s missing skin
Building a better hazzard
There's a lot at STAKE at Durand Eastman Golf Course
Warm up with Roland