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Senior 50-59
1st Place 
Mike Eblacker 77 (back 9 TB 37), Gary Rocco 92-24-68
2nd Place 
Bob Natale 77, Tom Wing 80-10-70

Super Senior 60-69
1st Place 
Joe Lusardi 76, Gregg Palinski 91-25-66
2nd place 
Daryl Hudson 84
Jim Lanzillo 96-27-69
3rd Place 
Dave Diraimo 85, Tom LaDuca 86-15-71

Super-Super Senior
1st Place 
Al Grasta Sr 87, Bruce Baker 91-23-68
2nd Place  Dave Reed 89 (TB back 9 tie, 31 back 6) Jim Newman 94-25-69

Blind net aggregate
1st place 
Grasta Sr,/ Palinski 71/66-137
2nd place 
Lusardi/Brongo 64/74-138 (TB 68 back 9)

#8 - Diraimo 4', #14 Ignizio 2' 4"

Senior Classic Results Friday 7/11/14
​Gregg Palinski

​Bruce Baker
​Gary Rocco
​Mike Eblacker
​Joe Lusardi
​Al Grasta Sr
Senior Classic Flight Winners
DEGC Invitational Results 7/20/14
Mike Kinsky
Paul Boehm
2014 DEGC Invitational Champions (net 62)

1st Boehm/Kinsky (net 62) *TOC Qualifier
2nd Roesch/Rabish (net 64)
3rd Amadeo/Windus (net 66)
4th Brongo/Hospers (net 66) 
5th Amadeo/Larson (net 67) 
6th Klafehn/Vick (net 67) 
7th Potter/Reed (net 67) 
8th Reetz/Adams (net 67)
9th Nichols/Courtright (net 67)
10th Rocco/Ellison (net 67)

#3 Mike Kinsky
#8  Carl Gurnett, 
#14 Steve Lesio
#17 Bud Klafehn